9x13 stills; arm porn


always and for all eternity | damon and elena will always choose each other, they will always stay by each other’s side and they will always love each other, “even after this is all over”. they are so brave in their love that they both - each individually, might i add (!) - choose to spend their future with one another and it’s not any future, they commit to an eternal life together. “true love prevails, universe be damned”.

The Borgias season 2


favorite celebrity meme
↳ (5/5) outfits

 “Growing up is something that you do your whole life. I want to always feel that I can be a kid if I want. Growing up has some negative connotations. Like, you’re not supposed to roll around on the ground anymore. You’re not supposed to make fun of yourself. You’re not supposed to ride a bicycle. But I’m a Toys-R-Us kid.”


I’m tired of that.

Tokio Hotel Humanoid (around the world), 10/? : Copenhagen, Denmark

Remember who the real enemy is.